Location-based Games

Location-based games happen right where the player is situated. The player's real environment is incorporated into the events of the game via satellite positioning such as GPS, with which smartphones and tablets locate the player. With their mobile devices, they navigate through the city. This means that the alteration of the position is vital to the game's progress.

There are two types of location-based games: site-specific and non-site-specific ones. Site-specific games are directly connected to the position of the player and cannot be played elsewhere. Specific buildings, streets and other locations are being used for events in the game. The tripventure games belong to this category. With non-site-specific games, the player's geographic position is not relevant for the course of events in the game. Often players are drawn to these kind of games through their competitive nature.

The growing circulation of smartphones and tablets is making location-based games ever more popular. Tripventure expands this gaming concept and adds new options, as for example the blending in of augmented reality. Tripventures, thus, provide exciting tours through European cities; they are games and guides at once.

tripventure Games

Inspector Tripton Fall of the WallSecret City Rocca Ratcha


In all tripventure games, the player's real surroundings are integrated into the game's events. The mobile device is the interface that connects the real world with the virtual storyline. Characters, dialogue and objects are inserted into the camera image through augmented reality.

Effectively, the games have a relation to a city or a district. The user himself is required to be at this exact place to play the games. By using a story-specific map, he can orientate himself through the city. The map informs about the next steps of the game and highlights points of interest. Virtual objects and characters can only be found at the exact coordinates. 

Exploring the city with tripventure

The tripventure games enable you to playfully explore European cities and discover interesting places. While you are playing, you receive details of sights and buildings of each city: by solving crimes as Inspector Tripton; bringing down the Berlin Wall as an Agent or playing through an adventurous episode of Secret City. Families with kids can also go on a pizza hunt with Rocca Ratcha.

Here you can download the tripventure App: AppStore Google Play